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Microreactor-Assisted Chemical Processes for Nanomaterials Synthesis, Assembly and Deposition

Date: Thursday, May 21st
Presenter: Prof. Changho Choi, OSU Chemical Engineering


Microreactor-Assisted Nanomaterial synthesis, assembly and deposition process combines the merits of microreaction technology and solution phase synthesis of nanomaterials. This technique uses continuous flow microreactors for the synthesis and assembly of nanoscale building blocks and just-in-time delivery of these nano-building blocks to the surface for the deposition of nanostructured thin films. In synthesis, microreactor technology offers large surface-area-to-volume ratios within microchannel structures to accelerate heat and mass transport. This accelerated transport allows for rapid changes in reaction temperatures and concentrations leading to more uniform heating and mixing in the synthesis. The well-defined and uniform fluid flow within the microchannel also opens up the opportunity to conveniently assemble unique functional nanostructures. The possibility of synthesizing nanomaterials in the required volumes at the point-of-application eliminates the need to store and transport potentially hazardous materials, while providing new opportunities for the deposition of novel nanostructures and nanoshaped features on a surface. Furthermore, microreactor-assisted chemical processes use well-defined microstructures of the active unit reactors that can be replicated to produce higher chemical production volumes. This important feature opens a promising avenue in developing scalable nanomanufacturing. In this talk, I will discuss our progress in using microreactors for the production of nanomaterials and the deposition of nanostructured thin films. Results-to-date demonstrate the possibility to control the reacting flux including small intermediate-reactive molecules, macromolecules, nanoclusters, nanoparticles and structured assemble of nanoparticles directly after synthesis.

Changho Choi is currently a research associate of Chemical Engineering at Oregon State University. He received his PhD degree in Chemical Engineering in 2013 from OSU. He has been working on the development of solution based synthetic methodology using continuous flow microreactor and deposition system (MAND) to fabricate nanomaterials and nanofilms for the past 5 years. He has demonstrated the capability of the MAND process by manufacturing metal oxide nanoparticles and metal oxide films with various morphologies. The impact of these films was recognized in the heat exchange field, significantly enhancing the heat transfer rate. His other research activities focus on synthesizing metal and metal oxide nanoparticles and nanostructured thin films for energy-related applications. He is currently involving printing technology to engineer functional surfaces for the enhanced heat transfer, along with printed p-type thin film transistors (TFTs).