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Substitution Effects on the Structure and Electronic Behavior of Ternary Precious Metal Oxides

Date: Thursday, Mar 2nd
Presenter: Joshua Flynn, PhD Candidate, OSU Chemistry


Due to the high cost of precursor materials, complex oxides of 4d and 5d transition metals are under-studied compared to their 3d counterparts. Recent studies have shown that oxides containing heavier transition metals can exhibit exotic electronic states due to presence of strong spin-orbit coupling. Four oxide systems were investigated to learn more about the chemical and electronic behavior of Ir and Rh. The system Ba2In2-xIrxO5+d was found to have several structural transitions and unique magnetic behavior. Magnetic moments for member of the Ba2-xLaxInIrO6 and BaLaIn1-yCayIrO6 solid solutions were observed to poorly correlate with predicted values. Lastly, the structures and magnetic behavior of the A1+xRh2-xO4 (A2+ = Co, Ni, Cu) spinel family were investigated.

Joshua obtained is BS in chemistry from California State University, Sacramento in 2011. In 2015, he spent the summer as an intern at HP, Inc. where he worked on process development of ceramic 3D printing. He is currently a 6th-year graduate student studying solid state chemistry under Dr. Mas Subramanian and will be defending his thesis in March.