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Determination of Magnetoelastic Constants in Magnetic Thin Film From FMR Spectra

Date: Thursday, Apr 13th
Presenter: Khalid Masood, PhD Candidate, Electrical Engineering


Magnetostrictive materials are special materials, in which strain is generated under the influence of external magnetic field (Joule Effect) and under the action of external mechanical stress, their magnetic properties change (Villari Effect). The effect of magnetostriction is manifested through the shift in Ferromagnetic Resonance Frequency and here we intend to establish the relationship between resonance frequency and the applied strain in the material through the popular Smit-Beljers equation. Then the magnetoelastic constants will be extracted from these relationships.

Khalid obtained his B.S. degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from the Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology. He joined the Applied Magnetics Laboratory as a doctoral student in Fall 2015 and is now working on developing characterization techniques for magnetostriction.