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Machining of microstructures using elliptical vibration cutting

Date: Thursday, Oct 30th
Presenter: Gi Dae Kim, Catholic University of Daegu - School of Mechanical and Automotive Engineering


The importance of micro machining technology has been steadily growing with the trend of miniaturization of machine parts in the manufacturing industry. Specifically, the advances of information technology and bio-technology demand high-precision micro machining technology to create micro-features such as various kind of grooves and pyramid structures.
In this study, precision machining of micro channels and pyramid patterns of which size are below 25┬Ám was performed using elliptical vibration cutting (EVC). A cutting tool was attached to the orthogonally-arranged dual piezoelectric actuators to make the tool traverse an elliptical path at various excitation frequency and vibration amplitude.
When the EVC was applied to create micro structures, the cutting resistance greatly reduced which, in turn, inhibited formation of burr or fracture of the micro structure and prevented degradation of surface quality from shear deformation, collectively contributing to significantly improving machining quality of micro channels and pyramid patterns.