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Coherent Optical Methods for Measuring Deformation, Motion and Flow

Date: Thursday, Nov 6th
Presenter: Sean Kirkpatrick, Ph.D., Division of Biomedical Engineering, Oregon Health and Science University


The use of coherent optical methods for measuring motions, deformations, strains and flows has a long and rich history in both basic and applied materials science. An entire subfield of study called Optical Non-Destructive Evaluation (NDE) has been built around the development and application of these techniques. Optical NDE is at its best when the materials or structures under question are relatively static, optically rough and optically opaque at the wavelength of light being employed. Objects that are optically translucent and intrinsically dynamic in nature create serious challenges for optical NDE techniques. Such materials include biological tissues ? both plant and animal ? and many synthetic polymers. Coherent optical techniques for quantifying motions, deformations, strains and flows in such materials is the topic of this seminar. The focus will be on laser speckle techniques. Examples of using laser speckle methods for biomedical research will be presented, however, the approaches that will be discussed have immediate applications in many fields beyond biomedicine.
Sean J. Kirkpatrick, Ph.D. is an Associate Professor of Biomedical Engineering at the Oregon Health and Science University. His research focuses on the theory and applications of light scattering in biomedical research and clinical diagnostics.