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Magnetic Materials for On-chip Integrated Inductors

Date: Thursday, May 14th
Presenter: Dr. Albrecht Jander, OSU Electrical Engineering


Monolithic microwave integrated circuits (MMIC) used in most modern communications systems typically incorporate several on-chip inductors. Current technology uses air-core spiral inductors which occupy a disproportionately large amount of chip area. As characteristic dimensions of other devices on integrated circuits shrink to nanoscale, these inductors will dominate the cost and limit the performance of MMICs.

The physical size of these inductors could be reduced dramatically if a high-permeability magnetic material were used as the core. However, a suitable material has, so far, not been developed. In this seminar, I will describe the material requirements, processing challenges and possible solutions to this problem. We propose a nanocomposite magnetic metamaterial with high permeability and low losses up to 6 GHz. This material will enable a new design of compact, magnetic-cored inductors for MMICs, resulting in reduced size and cost of future communications circuits and enhanced performance.