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p-CuO/n-ZnO thin film hetrostructure gas sensors fabricated via mixed solution deposition method

Date: Thursday, Mar 5th
Presenter: Ram Ravichandran, OSU Electrical Engineering/Materials Science


Increased interest in the field of sensor technology stems from the availability of an inexpensive and robust sensor to detect and quantify the presence of a specific gas. Based on previous research on bulk and thin film p-CuO/n-ZnO heterocontacts, which indicates the electrical properties of the interface to be very sensitive to the presence of an adsorbed gas, thin film heterostructures are fabricated using chemical solution methods. Since the phase equilibria between ZnO and CuO exhibit intermediate phases and limited solubility, structures are fabricated by mixing ZnO and CuO precursors. Structure and sensing effects of films in the presence of a reducing gas is presented.