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Supercritical Fluids Near-critical Fluids for Chemical and Nanomaterial Processing - PLEASE NOTE - seminar in 324 Gilbert at 4 pm

Date: Wednesday, Nov 12th
Presenter: Shane Addleman, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, Richland, WA


The development of more effective and benign methods for the synthesis and separation of chemicals and nanomaterials has clear commercial, environmental and scientific value. Supercritical (ScFs) and near-critical fluids (NcFs) offer numerous advantages over conventional solvents for material processing. ScFs and NcFs can offer dramatic reductions in the volume of organic waste. ScFs and NcFs can enable tunable chemical systems since a number of physicochemical properties such as density, surface tension, viscosity, diffusivity, and solvation strength can be adjusted with only minor changes in pressure or temperature. Selected examples for using ScFs and NcFs to provide ?green? chemical processes as well as enable nanomaterial synthesis, purification, separation and assembly will be presented.