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Small is All: Nano, Bio, and the Future of Technology - PLEASE NOTE: Seminar in Weniger 151 at 5:00 PM

Date: Wednesday, Jun 3rd
Presenter: Paul L. McEuen, Professor of Physics, Cornell University


For over half a century, miniaturization has been the dominant force driving technological progress. While airplanes and automobiles have hardly changed, the ever-shrinking integrated circuit has taken us from the 10-pound adding machine to the 5-ounce Blackberry. The next 50 years promise even bigger change as everything from medical labs to satellites get shrunk to the size of postage stamps. In this talk, I will examine why small is so big, look at a few examples of shrinking technologies, and speculate how nano will change your life, for good and ill.

Paul McEuen is a world expert on the science and technology of nanostructures. He is a pioneer of single molecule devices, scanning probe microscopy of nanostructures and applications of nanoelectronics in chemistry and biology.