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Spin Density Wave Phase Behaviors of Chromium Films

Date: Thursday, Nov 12th
Presenter: Steve Kevan, Professor and Department Head, University of Oregon, Physics Department


Bulk chromium exhibits a model spin density wave antiferromagnetic ground state. The bulk SDW wavelength of ~6 nm suggests that dimensional confinement will lead to interesting and possibly useful properties. I will show how we have applied angle-resolved photoemission to probe chromium thin film phase behaviors systematically as a function of film thickness, composition, surface treatment, and temperature. I will also suggest future lines of investigation probing nanowire electronic structure.

PhD in Chemistry, Berkeley, 1980; Bell Labs 1980-86; University of Oregon 1986-present

I have lead or participated in the design and construction of 3 different soft x-ray beamlines and several end stations at synchrotron radiation facilities. I am involved in two such projects at present, one that will develop a nono-spot angle-resolved photoemission capability and the other that will deliver intense coherent soft x-ray beams to probe nanostructure and dynamics.