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Biological Laser Printing (BioLP?)

Date: Thursday, Feb 4th
Presenter: Peter Wu, Southern Oregon University, Physics Department


Biological laser printing, or BioLP, is a modified laser induced forward transfer (LIFT) technique that has the ability to print cells from living cultures and paraffin-embedded fixed tissue sections. Detailed studies have demonstrated the energy conversion layer used by BioLP to absorb incident laser energy and promote forward transfer of biological materials prevents damage to the printed cells. Additionally, this layer helps maintain reproducible transfer conditions so that large arrays and patterns of cells can be precisely generated down to the single cell level. BioLP?s nozzle-free print head allows both liquids and solids to be printed with micron-scale resolution and is unique to modified LIFT technologies. I will introduce the basic BioLP apparatus and deposition mechanism in this talk and present some BioLP applications as time allows: tissue micro dissection, bacteria sorting, and engineering a human vascular network.