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Materials showing negative or "zero" thermal expansion - PLEASE NOTE - Seminar is on Thursday at 3 pm in 230 Rogers Hall

Date: Thursday, Nov 18th
Presenter: Arthur Sleight, OSU Chemistry


Several years ago we discovered the first material known to have robust negative thermal expansion over a large temperature range, including room temperature. Once we understood the mechanism for this unusual behavior, we were able to find many other materials exhibiting negative thermal expansion. This understanding also gave us the ability to adjust thermal expansion for a particular application. Very low thermal expansion is of great importance for many applications, and we found an air-stable, cubic compound that shows no detectable thermal expansion from 4 K to 900 K

Prof. Sleight became the first Milton Harris Professor of Materials Science at Oregon State University in 1989, and he currently holds the position of Emeritus Distinguished Professor of Chemistry at OSU. Before coming to OSU, he was engaged in research and research management in the Central Research Department of the DuPont Company for 25 years. His research interests include superconductors, metal-insulator transitions, transparent conductors, catalysts, pigments, and materials with negative or very low thermal expansion.