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Graduate Student Seminars - James Eilertsen and Pavel Mardilovich

Date: Thursday, Mar 3rd
Presenter: James Eilertsen and Pavel Mardilovich, Oregon State University and UC Davis


James Eilertsen Abstract:

Thermoelectric materials

Thermoelectric materials can play a unique and important role in the global effort toward the increased implementation of emission-free and sustainable sources of energy. However synthesis of bulk state-of-the-art thermoelectrics with high efficiencies and optimized mechanical properties remains elusive. This talk will present research focused on the development of a novel technique, using high-energy mechanical milling of meta-stable skutterudite antimonides, for synthesizing high efficiency nanostructured thermoelectric composites with optimized mechanical properties. Although this technique was only recently discovered, it has proven to produce materials with efficiencies that rival current standard thermoelectrics.

James Eilertsen graduated Summa Cum Laude from Roberts Wesleyan College, in 2007 with a BS in Chemistry. James has been a graduate student under Mas Subramanian in the Chemistry Department at Oregon State University since 2007 and is pursuing a PhD in Inorganic Chemistry. His thesis work is focused on the reduction of thermal conductivity in bulk thermoelectric Skutterudites.

Pavel Mardilovich Abstract:

We look at applications of ultrafast laser in processing of semiconductor doped glasses with the aim of fabricating hybrid micro-/nanostructures consisting of semiconductor nanocrystals precipitated in micrometer scale domains defined by laser exposure. Focused femtosecond laser pulses are used to introduce local structural modifications in glasses doped with Cd, S and Se. The modified regions in the glass display markedly different properties and behavior from the surrounding bulk, which can create favorable conditions for selective precipitation of the semiconductor. The resultant structures are investigated using optical and electron microscopy, as well as confocal fluorescence and Raman microscopy to elucidate the structural changes for varying processing parameters.

Pavel Mardilovich is a Ph.D. student in Materials Science program at University of California, Davis. He received his undergraduate in Chemical Engineering from University of Colorado, Boulder in 2003.