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An introduction to the field of glass science and engineering

Date: Thursday, Jan 19th
Presenter: Andrew Crawford, Asahi Glass Company


Glasses were made from the batch composition 10 CuO – 15 Na2O – 20 B2O3 – 55 SiO2 (wt%) and heat treated for various times in air, vacuum, and hydrogen atmospheres. Samples formed crystalline surface layers of copper oxide (tenorite, CuO) after heat treating in air and vacuum, and crystalline surface layers of copper metal (Cu) after heat treating in a hydrogen atmosphere. The general concepts of the project were investigated, as well as various potential applications that could exploit and take advantage of the observed phenomenon. The specific areas of investigation include: crucible degradation by the glass melt, microwave heat treating as opposed to conventional heat treating, using solid glass microspheres as opposed to bulk glass, using crushed Pyrex(TM) as the base glass instead of batched powdered raw materials, selectively plasma etching the surface layer for variable resistors, and glass batch composition variations.

A brief introduction to chemically strengthened glass will also be presented, with a focus on the product Dragontrail(TM) (Asahi Glass Company), which is used for tablets, smart phones, and other devices.

BS Glass Engineering Science 2005
MS Materials Science and Engineering 2007
PhD Glass Science 2011

Currently Technical Product Manager at Asahi Glass Company (AGC).