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Opportunities and Challenges in Common Among Current PV Technologies - PLEASE NOTE - Seminar is in KEC 1007

Date: Thursday, Jun 2nd
Presenter: Juanita Kurtin,


Advanced photon management as a method of cost-effectively increasing efficiency is a topic in common among all current photovoltaic technologies. Typically, these kinds of advances and improvements can be applied externally to the cell or module, without greatly impacting the design or processing of the underlying device. This de-coupling is important and can allow for the optimization of one light management scheme across multiple technologies. Optical coatings, advanced texturization, and downshifting are all good examples and will be discussed.

Dr. Kurtin was the VP Research and Development at SpectraWatt, where she developed the SpectraWatt technology vision and built a 21 person research team. Previously she was involved in Technology Development and Circuit Research at Intel Corp. (6 yrs.) She is author of multiple patents and patent applications in the area of nanomaterials for electronics and solar cell technologies. Dr. Kurtin has a PhD in Physical Chemistry from UC Berkeley, and a B.S. in Chemistry from MIT, and is currently working with a startup on nanomaterials for solid-state lighting applications.