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Materials Science at Oregon State University

The TEM in Materials Science, a Materials Science Sandbox

Date: Thursday, Oct 25th
Presenter: Dr. Peter Eschbach, OSU Microscopy Facility


Once used just for imaging and simple diffraction experiments the TEM techniques have grown and flourished in the digital age. So much so, that an argument could be made that TEM is a Materials Science sandbox. A sandbox that allows the materials scientist to explore the following: crystal structure, chemical composition of layers, diffusion between layers, stoichiometry, phase identification, crystal defects, and finally a very accurate measurement of size. Leading the technical developments are the host of detectors; bright field, dark field, high angular annular dark field (HAADF). The other leading technology is the FIB (focused ion beam)- SEM that has revolutionized sample preparation and eliminated some of the drudgery. The application of the different detectors will be discussed as framed around actual OSU research and TEM work done here at the Linus Pauling center at OSU. The weakness of TEM (poor sampling statistics) shall be discussed and framed around the observation that all TEM samples since the invention of the TEM add up to 2 cubic mm of material. In addition hot new TEM areas such as Holography, Tomography, In Situ TEM, and aberration corrected high resolution TEM shall be discussed.