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Development of Novel Nanometrological Techniques - PLEASE NOTE - Seminar is on WEDNESDAY February 13 at 3pm

Date: Wednesday, Feb 13th
Presenter: Prof. Erik Sanchez, Physics Department, Portland State University


Imaging at the nanoscale with present technologies usually includes electron microscopes, optical super-resolution systems and scanning probe microscopies. A new tool being developed in our group can be added to this list. It has the ability to image magnetic, biological as well as beam sensitive surfaces without damage. This system, called the Neutral Atom Microscope (NAM) detects a neutral beam of He atoms that scatters off a substrate. Since the beam is uncharged and is created by a simple differential pressure, the impinging beam has energies of interaction on the level of 10’s of meV. This allows for imaging of delicate surfaces which a scanning electron microscope cannot accomplish without damage, even at the typical low energies of 100’s of eV for electrons. In addition to the NAM, field enhancement techniques in near-field imaging will be shown. These techniques allow imaging at 10-20 nm spatial resolution as well as a single molecule level of detection sensitivity for both Raman and fluorescence. This talk will cover the latest progress in these topics and other forms of metrology being advanced in the NanoDevelopment Lab at Portland State University.