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Magnetic Recording Technology - a short Overview - There is life in the old dog yet! - PLEASE NOTE - Seminar is in KEC 1007 at 2:30 pm!

Date: Thursday, Jun 6th
Presenter: Hans Jürgen Richter,


Today, magnetic recording on hard disk drives (HDD) is one of the key technologies for data storage, where HDD’s store the largest amount of bytes from all technologies.
The talk gives a short overview about the evolution of magnetic recording with special reference to the physical aspects that have driven the technology. In particular, the fundamental physical barrier imposed by the onset of superparamagnetism will be discussed. The onset of superparamagnetism can lead to the instability of magnetization and thus to the loss of recorded information. Currently, a number of approaches are being pursued which have the potential to further increase the storage density while maintaining data integrity. These approaches can be subdivided into two categories. The first type involves a form of a write assist where the recording process no longer relies on the effect of the magnetic field alone. In the second type, the recording scheme is modified such that one bit contains only one magnetic grain, which contrasts current technology that employs multiple grains per bit and heavily relies on statistical averaging.