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Practical Tips for analyzing Materials Science Data

Date: Thursday, Oct 31st
Presenter: Prof. Jay Kruzic, OSU Materials Science


NOTE - You can download Prof. Kruzic's slide here:

Publication in materials science journals is always easier with rigorous data analysis and statistical tests of the results. Furthermore, biomaterials and other bio-related journals will absolutely require statistical tests of the results. The aim of this presentation is to point out useful methods for materials scientists that will help you get your results published more easily. To be discussed are topics such as the student’s t-test, the analysis of variances (ANOVA), post-hoc tests (e.g., Tukey’s tests), and correctly assessing the uncertainty of experimental calibrations. Examples will be given using real materials science results from Dr. Kruzic’s research. Furthermore, resources at OSU to help you analyze your data will be identified and discussed.