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Innovation, Adhesion, and Self-Assembled Nanostructures

Date: Thursday, Nov 14th
Presenter: James Abbott, Hewlett Packard


Adhesion of two materials or surfaces is a common reliability issue in the MEMS industry. This issue is further exacerbated when adhesive bonding of polished surfaces is required for interfaces exposed to both thermal and mechanical stresses through their creation and useful life. This presentation explores the roll of systematic innovation methodologies in combination with novel Ni and Sn based self-assembling materials to rapidly deliver robust solutions suitable for high volume manufacturing.

Jim Abbott is currently a Senior Scientist with the HP Printing division with deep experience in innovation focused on thin film materials, nano-technology, sensing, and information technology. His experience has led to more than 20 HP filed patents and multiple technology projects delivered to enable NPVs of > than $100 million for HP printing. Jim’s innovation methodology leadership in information technology has led to one HP Enterprise Services (ES) product currently in prototype development and work with senior ES technologists to establish long range strategy for the HP services business.
Prior to working for HP Jim served as an officer in the Nuclear Power program of the United States Navy, serving as an instructor and director of enlisted physics division at the elite Nuclear Power Training Command.
Jim received his Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry from Oregon State University under the guidance of Professor Wei Kong. He is focused on rapid innovation development and projection of technology trends as a TRIZ practitioner certified by the Altschuler Institute for TRIZ Studies.