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I Wanna be a Billionare: Developing Materials for the Traveling Wave Reactor

Date: Thursday, May 8th
Presenter: Dr. Micah Hackett, Lead, Materials Development, TerraPower, LLC


The TerraPower Traveling Wave Reactor (TWR) envisions a fast reactor design that operates with a breed-and-burn core to operate on low-enriched uranium, and then breed fuel in-situ without refueling. A prototype reactor will enable a demonstraAon of the reactor design and help to qualify the fuel and materials. One of the most significant constraints on TWR development is fuel design and material performance, and specifically, the exposure Ame of the fuel assemblies in the core. This talk will discuss areas of development for the TWR concept, primarily on the materials and also fuels systems. There will be an overview of the reactor design, challenges faced in materials performance, and a look into some tesAng programs to ensure design limits are met.