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Scalable Materials Chemistry for Energy Storage

Date: Thursday, Nov 6th
Presenter: Dr. David Ji, OSU Chemistry


The last two decades have witnessed the remarkable successes of advanced materials with nanoscale features in advancing knowledge in various disciplines. Despite the progresses, complicated structures have been fabricated with tedious procedure and/or expensive reagents and surprisingly a lack of careful consideration on the affordability and scalability of the syntheses. In order to achieve a larger impact of nanostructured materials, particularly in the electric energy storage, we work to investigate basic materials synthetic methods that are potentially scalable and affordable to prepare tailor-designed nanostructured materials. Without compromising the functionality from these inexpensive materials, we are establishing the fundamental processing/structure/property relationship in order to obtain the knowledge to achieve superior electrochemical properties. Currently, our research mainly focuses on syntheses and understanding of advanced carbon materials, including dense nanoporous graphene, hard carbon and biomass-converted carbon, and carbon/metal oxide nanocomposites that are prepared by a newly invented Nano-Sol-Gel methodology. Facilitated by these new materials as a platform, we are tackling challenges in technologically important energy storage devices, including Na-ion batteries, supercapacitors and pseudocapacitors.