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Deformation Mechanics and Process Innovation in Dieless Incremental Forming of Metal and Polymer Sheets

Date: Thursday, Nov 20th
Presenter: Dr. Rajiv Malhotra, OSU Manufacturing Engineering


Incremental Forming is a die-less sheet forming process that uses one or more small hemispherical ended tools moving along a predefined toolpath to incrementally impart the sheet its final shape. The process is characterized by reduced energy consumption, greater process flexibility and increased formability (upto 3 times compared to conventional forming), making it very attractive for low volume production and prototyping in the aerospace and automotive sectors. At the same time due to the unconventional deformation mechanics imposed on the sheet, understanding and controlling the process is a challenge. In this talk I will describe my work on understanding the deformation mechanics and fracture of the sheet material in Incremental Forming, and how this fundamental understanding was integrated with process innovation and toolpath planning to develop advanced Incremental forming processes. I will further describe preliminary work performed in my group on extending the advantages of Incremental Forming towards room temperature deformation of polymers.