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Multi-discipline Engineering in Semiconductor Development and Manufacturing - PLEASE NOTE - Seminar is on TUESDAY at 6:30 pm in Kelley 1001

Date: Tuesday, Jan 20th
Presenter: Dr. Pamela Fischer, ASM


The development of semiconductor manufacturing processes requires application of expertise across the spectrum of engineering and science disciplines. In her talk, Dr. Fischer will convey how these various disciplines interplay in the fabrication and development of leading edge processes and devices. This will include discussion of engineering concerns from the macro-scale aspects of a semiconductor fab, including industrial facilitization, wafer manufacturing, equipment design, down to the nano-scale devices and their many complexities. The talk aims to cover a significant breadth of information about the semiconductor industry balanced with technical details to aid understanding the complexity of the designs and the roles that all of the engineering disciplines play in their development and successful implementation into manufacturing. The talk aims to demonstrate the simple reality that many aspects of engineering and science must come together and work cohesively in order to bring a successful product, in this case a microprocessor, to the marketplace.

Dr. Fischer joined ASM International in 2005 working as a Research and Development Manager at ASM Belgium and she is currently the ASM Account Technologist supporting a major microprocessor manufacturer in Hillsboro, Oregon. Prior to joining ASM, Dr. Fischer worked at Intel in Hillsboro, Oregon for 8 years developing the 180nm to 65nm microprocessor technologies.

Dr. Fischer earned her PhD in Physical Chemistry from the University of Oregon in 1995. She also earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Chemistry from Fort Lewis College in Durango, Colorado in 1989.