Program of Study for OSU Participants


As an Oregon State Mechanical Engineering student, you will begin the Atlantis program with three years of study at OSU. This time will give you a chance to complete your pre-professional coursework and your first year of professional school, and to brush up on your language skills before departing for Europe.

The following year will be spent at Saarland University in Germany. During your study abroad experience, you will complete the coursework necessary for your Materials Science degree.

For the final year of the dual degree program, you will return to Oregon State to complete your degree requirements in Mechanical Engineering (along with any German students also participating in the program).

A typical program of study for an OSU student traveling to Saarland can be downloaded HERE.

Abroad Portion

During the portion of the Program spent abroad, OSU students will study at the University of Saarlandes in western Germany. This institution is slightly smaller than Oregon State, playing home to roughly 15,000 students.


Saarland UniversitySaarland University (Saarbrücken, Germany) features a strong technical program in conjunction with coursework in the liberal arts and sciences. Saarland is well known for promoting innovation and entrepeneurship among its students, and is home to a successful startup center for spin-off companies

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